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Irfan khan, story of a Royal warrior of Bollywood

Royal Warrior Irfan khan

By Sanjib Kamila | Mar 1, 2020.

Irfan Khan was born in a royal family . On 1967, 7th January he was born in a Muslim family in Jaipur. Irfan’s mother Begam Khan was the successor of the famous Tonk Hakim family. His father Jogirder khan’s tire business did not go well. Due to lack of money many dreams of his life have been ruined.

He wanted to be a cricketer. He also played CK Naidu trophy. The dream to be a cricketer did not come true as a result of the misery of the family. Though Cricket was his dream, he moved to the world of acting. Irfan’s life is the story of a true Warrior.

Irfan Khan completed his master degree in 1984 with a scholarship from the National school of Drama. He had a diploma in Dramatic Arts. However, he never looked back after being nominated for Academy Awards for his first film in Bollywood. His name spread everywhere from Bollywood to Hollywood.

He made his Bollywood debut with the movie “Salaam Bombay” in 1988. He became quite popular after that. On 3rd February 1995, he married Sutapa Sikdar. His two sons, Babin and Ayan were an integral part of his life.

The first bad news came on March 5, 2018. Irfan Said on his Twitter handle that he had a tumor. He tweeted again on March 16, where he said that he had a Neuroendocrine tumor. Yes, he was fighting a difficult disease. He was hopeful of recovering. But no one could have imagined that the star would fall so soon.

On Tuesday the actor’s family members rushed him to the Ambani Hospital in Mumbai as he was in critical condition. He was given a ventilator at night. The 53 years old talented actor left us on Wednesday. His innumerable memories will remain with us forever. Everyone from Bollywood to Hollywood is mourning the Fall of this star. On behalf of Digiexplore, we are wishing his soul forever in peace. He is the dwellers of Paradise.

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