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Digital Marketing Internship at VQMS Pvt. Ltd

Hello budding Digital Marketers, here is good news for you. Do you looking for an internship in digital marketing? Do you want to enhance your practical knowledge of digital marketing? If yes, then you are reading the right blog today.

Digital marketing Course

VQMS Private Limited allows you to participate as a management trainee. And the best part about this internship is you can complete your digital marketing internship while staying at your home.

In the present scenario, you can see that many digital marketers selling their services online. And they are doing pretty well. But talking about Digital Marketing Internship, VQMS gives you both the internship certificate and Digital Marketing certificate together. With these two certifications, you can make your CV strong to get your dream job as a Digital Marketer easily in this competitive ecosystem. Join this internship course and learn Digital Marketing from the root.

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In this pandemic situation, it is the best opportunity for you to enroll yourself in this internship and develop your digital marketing skill and become an expert as online marketers. VQMS Pvt. Ltd offer 75% off in Digital Marketing course. So, basically you can learn Digital marketing as well as internship in Digital Marketing both at the same time. And interesting part is that you can do the same sitting at your home without workload pressure.

About VQMS Pvt. Ltd

VQMS is a management consulting company established by a group of leading professionals with a view of creating new possibilities for learning and Management. VQMS provides workshops, training, Internship in Digital Marketing, certification, consulting at a corporate and educational institution as well as individuals or professional basis.

Digital marketing internship in mumbai

Purpose of this Internship

The purpose of this internship is to develop a strategy towards corporate exposure in online marketing or Digital Marketing as well as gaining a professional certificate with little cost. Internship is free and get 75% off in certification courses. This is a limited period offer. Besides digital marketing internship, VQMS also provides food quality training, ISO QMS standards training, lean Six Sigma training, data analysis, internal auditor training, and many more.

Which one is more efficient way to enhance your skill?

First things first, If you are really welling  to gain some new knowledge in this lockdown with  practical implementation then don’t waste your time , go for the paid course.

 Many of us are having the same question in our mind.Which one would be more beneficial for us?

  • There are lots of websites, Mobile Applications and study metirials available on the internet or social media platforms. From where you can have some free courses without any kind of practical implementation work.
  • After that come to the certificates or appreciation letter which you get from the free course. Let me tell you one thing , does the certificate have any value in terms of self Branding? From my side NO.

There are many organization who will not accept this free course certificates because they know well that in the field one should have the practical knowledge rather than having lots of certificates.You can simply think yourself as HR Director of any organization and you have to recruit some freshers,whom you will recruit first? The one who is having an authentic certification course along with internship or who is having ordinary free course certificates?  I hope, you all get your answer.

  • There are lots of atvantages of having paid course & Internship –

Like say…,

  1. Continuous guidance from the skilled personnel.
  2. Practical Implementation of task.
  3. Physically Interact with the authority,clients.
  4. Emphasis on the “Two way Learning”.
  5. An instance of following up.
  6. Innovation of new Idea, strategy.
  7. An authentic Certificates or appreciation from the company.



So,choose the right path of E-learning,don’t waste your time any more, make this lockdown a learning period of your life which can unlock lots opportunity in future to showcase your skill.

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For more Details,please contact Mr.Nilanjan Giri or Fill up the form.

Hello Everyone, hope all of you are safe and healthy. I am a student of MBA , got the opportunity from the VQMS to complete my internship program as Management Co-ordinator.During this learning procedure I came to know lot of new things in the corporate. Through Two way Learning Procedure we able to put our idea into the work besides the guidance from the experienced personnel. I am pleased to be part of this organization.Fun at work,invention of new idea,field implementation make this Internship happen as productive part of my life. A small recommendation from my end for those who want to gain knowledge in terms of practical work, VQMS would be the best possible option to you.For more Details do visit our official websites. Whatsapp-7076564780 (
Digital marketing Course

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